Note-taking for Interviews

TL;DR A lot of people try taking notes, but give up: they are too long, they are not useful when reviewed later, they are too time-consuming to make, etc. In this article, I will try to explain how I take notes and still avoid these pitfalls, and share the notes I took for the purpose […]

Average to Googler in Four Weeks: A Study Plan

TL;DR I was successfully able to plan for and achieve a successful interview at Google. Here is my routine, the subject matter I studied, and some other tips. Introduction I have already written a number of posts on my first attempt at landing a job at Google. Though that attempt didn’t get me the job, […]

Using Spring in the Modern World

Many of us have integrated our application with the wonderful Spring Framework over the years. This may have happened to you in the form of migrating an existing application to Spring, replacing an IoC container, or even starting a new application with Spring incorporated. The steps involved in each of these different scenarios, while wildly […]