Changing the host

Yesterday I decided to change my host. So, I bought a tiny 512MB account. This one has a cPanel installed, and they allow me to have custom “php.ini” files[1]. Also, in this cPanel I have access to the PEAR mod-installer module.

But, alas, I forgot to backup my images along with my posts, so, right now, none of my previous posts has any images.

I might be able to get around it once I go to my work. My hope is that since I’d viewed my blog from there, I might be able to extract the images from my cache.

Anyway, I also still haven’t launched the projects’ sub-domain, so right now, I don’t have anything.

But all in all, I’m pretty happy with my new host, as my blog seems to load a lot faster from their servers.

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SVN on my cPanel?

After launching the project repo on my domain, I am strangely motivated to follow this with a private SVN so that I can keep my projects in perfect Sync and also make them available to possible teamwork.

Currently, I don’t know anything about setting up a private SVN. But I’ll be digging and I’ll find some answers.

Projects’ Repository Launched

Okay, everybody. I am ready to publish my projects to the world, now. I have launched a projects’ website at on which a WordPress blog is installed.

This deed has multiple merits:

  • I can share my ideas and projects with all you guys out there who are better than me at doing things. This way, I can make sure that there are people who can see what I’m doing and who might be willing to help me along.
  • Many of those geeks surfing the web might stumble upon my stuff, and might find them interesting enough to get in touch with me. This, in itself, is great. I always like it when I make new friends who share at least a part of my interests.
  • I will have an online backup of all the stuff I find presentable enough to share with the public.
  • And most importantly, I can receive feedback on all the projects I am putting online. With this in mind, I will be as responsive to feedbacks as possible.

Projects’ Repository

I’m not yet quite sure, but I have been thinking over it for some time and I think I will be creating a repository for all my personal and public projects.

This has not only the benefit of giving other people to save some time by not reinventing the wheel, it also gives me the opportunity to have a backup of all the things I think are presentable enough to be put online.

I’m not sure yet, but the repository will be residing on a sub-domain of this same domain, something like, or maybe

I’ll be thinking it over. As of now, I already have some projects which – while still either incomplete or in beta – are quite large enough to be put to some good use, by those who whish to enhance, rather than develop.

Windows 7 on my VAIO Z

Yesterday I upgraded my Windows Vista Business to Windows 7 Ultimate. And I have to say, it made a real difference.

First of all, the waking time has shortened by lots. When I wake my VAIO Z530N laptop from standby, everything is just there; no waking up message, no delay, nothing. And resuming Windows from hibernation is also a lot faster. With Vista, it took about 2 or 3 minutes to actually get the system running. With 7 it is less than a minute.

And top all of that with cool new features lake "shake", "snap", "pin to taskbar", "live taskbar", etc. Paint and WordPad have also been equipped with the new 2010 Ribbon.

All in all, I don’t regret having updated it. The only thing I have a problem with right now, is my built-in MotionEYE webcam, which is not recognized by Windows.