Data Structures and CLRS

From now on, as I am studying the book "Introduction to Algorithms" by Thomas M. Cormen et al for our Data Structures course, I’ll be writing what I think is interesting about the topic.
Data Structures is a course concerning multiple topics. First of all, it introduces the means with which one can measure an algorithm’s efficiency and also compare two algorithms. Secondly, it discusses several algorithms. Lastly, it introduces multiple commonly used data structures to store, process, and use data.
Although the book has a third edition, since I have the 2nd edition, I will be using that as a reference instead.
Well, I guess that’s all for now.

Note: This book is also known as CLRS, which stands for the first letters of all the authors’ last names (Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, and Stein). For the books multiple homepages on MIT, you could click here.

To Students and Lectures: I have a rather well-formed PDF format of the Text Book, the Instructor Manual, and the Solutions which are actual text-formatted eBooks with PDF tags and all. If you are in need of a copy, and only if you have bought an original copy of the text-book or you don’t have in any way access to a store that will sell you a copy, leave a comment stating your email address. Please understand that I might not be able to reply as quickly as you might wish. Also, please note that asking for a copy of the mentioned implies that you understand and are aware of your local copyright laws.

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