Projects’ Repository Launched

Okay, everybody. I am ready to publish my projects to the world, now. I have launched a projects’ website at on which a WordPress blog is installed.

This deed has multiple merits:

  • I can share my ideas and projects with all you guys out there who are better than me at doing things. This way, I can make sure that there are people who can see what I’m doing and who might be willing to help me along.
  • Many of those geeks surfing the web might stumble upon my stuff, and might find them interesting enough to get in touch with me. This, in itself, is great. I always like it when I make new friends who share at least a part of my interests.
  • I will have an online backup of all the stuff I find presentable enough to share with the public.
  • And most importantly, I can receive feedback on all the projects I am putting online. With this in mind, I will be as responsive to feedbacks as possible.

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