Changing the host

Yesterday I decided to change my host. So, I bought a tiny 512MB account. This one has a cPanel installed, and they allow me to have custom “php.ini” files[1]. Also, in this cPanel I have access to the PEAR mod-installer module.

But, alas, I forgot to backup my images along with my posts, so, right now, none of my previous posts has any images.

I might be able to get around it once I go to my work. My hope is that since I’d viewed my blog from there, I might be able to extract the images from my cache.

Anyway, I also still haven’t launched the projects’ sub-domain, so right now, I don’t have anything.

But all in all, I’m pretty happy with my new host, as my blog seems to load a lot faster from their servers.


1. It’s of note that for some scripts to recognize your custom php.ini configuration file, you need to place it in the same directory as the script. On example of this was that when I placed my php.ini file in the root to change the upload_max_filesize flag, WordPress wouldn’t recognize it when I used it’s upload interface. So, I had to place it beside the upload utility PHP files.

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