Merry Christmas

A very merry Christmas to all those who read this. As I’m a Muslim, Christmas doesn’t hold much value for me, but, also, in a very coincidental way, this year, the start of Islamic Year which is the beginning of Muharram has come very close to the Christmas. However, as an Iranian, that date also doesn’t hold much value for me.

In Iran, it is Nowruz which we hold dear and celebrate. Nowruz, which literally means The New Day, is a time of celebration which starts by the first day of spring, namely, MArch 21st.

Well, I’m today here to say happy Christmas to all Christians all over the world.

My Technorati Claim

Okay, that was fast. Technorati evaluated my blog and told me to put this unique “claim ID” in a new post, to show that this blog is indeed where I write: “2RQ4XA7A32AX”

Now, I’m gonna see what’s next after pushing the big, old, “Verify Claim Token” button.

Technorati Membership

Technorati is a place in which you can share your blog with the world and make the world be aware of what you write. I was reading the MSDN Blogs feed and stumbled upon this blog by Seth Eliot, which mentioned becoming a member, and I thought why shouldn’t I also do that?

So, I started a user and filled in a new claim, and I’m currently waiting for them to give me further instructions after an evaluation of my blog.