Windows 7 on My VAIO-Z

I finally succeeded in updating my VAIO Z530N OS to Windows 7. Yeah, it was a hard and lengthy process to get everything working just the way I wanted, but I did it.

I really think Sony e-Support should mention that if you want “Vaio Care” software to work correctly, you have to first update your BIOS.

But I really have to say that it was worth it. Seven is so much better than Vista in so many ways, that writing a comparison seems almost futile.

There are still many things to install, but I’ve got most of it underway. This time, I guess I won’t be installing Eclipse, since from the time I started using Intellij IDEA I’ve hardly ever opened it.

Also, I think I’ll need an SVN client, and also Apache Maven installed.

Well, that’s seems like it for today.

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