I look in your eyes and you caress me,

Your touch is doubtful and there’s no confidence,

Oh, I’d forgotten. You’ve just met a guy,

but it seems such a queer coincidence!


I can be mean, too, if need be, you know.

But don’t get mad, baby, who said you were mean?

It’s not your fault, after all, that I wasn’t man enough,

and you simply had to cut me clean.


I was just brainy, and you wanted brawny,

And getting you to admit that was quite daring.

Just so that you know, your loyalties have changed;

Well, I don’t mind the change, as long as there’s no sharing.


Your touch is lacking, and your gaze doubtful,

If I’ve done something wrong I cannot remember,

I can be mean, too, but my heart won’t let me,

and it aches as I hang my head … in silent surrender.

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