Setting up SSH keys

Sometimes you work with your remote host so much, that having to enter a password every time becomes a real pain. If that is the case, you should follow with this instructions to set up automatic handshake with your remote host.

First off, you have to have OpenSSH on both the host and your local machine. SSH into your remote host to create the .ssh” directory in your home folder.

Now we are going to use the SSH Key Generator to create the authorized key.

You will be prompted to enter a passphrase for this identity key. Choose something hard to break.

Now all you have to do is copy the identity key to the remote host.

Of course, you will replace” with your actual remote host’s access information. Now, you will run a simple script that will tell the remote host which identity it should use, and also starts a new shell that will enable you to SSH to the remote host without entering any passwords.

Now try typing “ssh” and you will see that you are all set.

Sitting in a hotel room in a remote village …

Sitting in a hotel room in a remote village

looking at all man does, the massacre, the pillage

I look at you taking on the life, daring the devil

standing on just one foot on the window sill

your pink and white gown as sharp as it goes

against the wind that’s playing with your upturned toes

your hair a wild flower’s raging leaves

mismatched with a sky no one believes

to exist anymore save you the lively you

who are in the roadless world the only avenue

picking your fights with care and giving your care away

standing for who you are without any sway

going about your life and looking down

the poor devil doesn’t know — he is your pawn

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Back again

After a couple of crazy months on the uni campus, here I am, again with different things on my mind, and again with loads of new stuff to do. Even so, Spring Framework and its intricacies are still a big part of my activities.

I am about to get married, and even as I speak, arrangements are being made for me and my beloved to be betrothed sometime in the near future. That is the most significant change in my life right now.

Other than that, I’ve gotten into some pretty intense information retrieval stuff and I think I will spend my summer working on that.

I’ve also gotten into this crazy bout where I write and write and write stuff. I might even publish some of them. I guess we will see 😉

And oh! before I forget. I’m back again to using ecto”, which just shows how bad the desktop blog client industry is for the OS X.