To SpringSource, and Beyond!

This week, I started some rather serious work on buffing up my metaphorical know-how muscles. So, I started reading “Pro Spring 3”.

However, since just reading isn’t enough, I also have started to walk through the beautiful codes written by Rod Johnson and Juergen Hoeller.

I began my way where most applications using Spring begin theirs: the ApplicationContext. It is a long, long journey, and I know that I won’t be done anytime soon. However, wish me luck Smile

Access super user shell

I recently had a problem with my Debian box; namely, that I couldn’t access my superuser shell the usual way by typing:

As this is a problem with the user bit of the “su” command not being set properly, you can fix this by logging in as root (or any other user with superuser privileges) and type:

I hope this saves someone’s time out there 😉

Getting more Producteev

Recently, I have really taken to using “Producteev“, an application designed to increase your productivity.

Here are my pluses:

  • It is absolutely free for personal use and does not require you to pay anything unless you are planning to use it to manage a group of people. It enables you to collaborate with one other person per workspace for free. That’s quite enough for me, as the only person I collaborate with in this right now is my wife.
  • It allows you to create unlimited workspaces, and arrange your tasks into workspaces. I have one for work, one for personal stuff, and one for things I do with my wife.
  • It has clients for Mac AND Windows, and that’s great because at work, I have to use a Windows 7 station.
  • It also has a very neat web application, the use of which is entirely free.
  • It sends you daily reports via email.
  • On Mac, you can create subtasks for each task.
  • You can neatly label tasks, and it also has a text-processing feature (though the developers love to call it natural language processing 😉 ) that enables you to insert task metadata right into the title.

The negative side is that it will not work offline. That’s really bad, but they are promising a future — hopefully a near one — that’s designed to function offline. Also, the fact that some functionalities are not available in Windows is kind of a bummer.