Getting more Producteev

Recently, I have really taken to using “Producteev“, an application designed to increase your productivity.

Here are my pluses:

  • It is absolutely free for personal use and does not require you to pay anything unless you are planning to use it to manage a group of people. It enables you to collaborate with one other person per workspace for free. That’s quite enough for me, as the only person I collaborate with in this right now is my wife.
  • It allows you to create unlimited workspaces, and arrange your tasks into workspaces. I have one for work, one for personal stuff, and one for things I do with my wife.
  • It has clients for Mac AND Windows, and that’s great because at work, I have to use a Windows 7 station.
  • It also has a very neat web application, the use of which is entirely free.
  • It sends you daily reports via email.
  • On Mac, you can create subtasks for each task.
  • You can neatly label tasks, and it also has a text-processing feature (though the developers love to call it natural language processing 😉 ) that enables you to insert task metadata right into the title.

The negative side is that it will not work offline. That’s really bad, but they are promising a future — hopefully a near one — that’s designed to function offline. Also, the fact that some functionalities are not available in Windows is kind of a bummer.

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