First impression of Scala

Even though generally speaking, I am against choosing symbolic programming over verbose and well-readable code, I have to admit that this code snippet taken from the Wikipedia entry on Scala is nothing short of beautiful:


As more of a personal pondering, I was thinking the other day, whether reality can be defined precisely. I mean, come on, I touch it, and it’s smooth, you touch it and it’s smooth. Then, it must be a smooth thing.

But what if there is no “it” there. What if it is all one big shared conception of ideas. I’m not thinking Matrix. I’m more thinking what if reality, as is, does not even exist. What if it is all just one big shared experience for all the human race, with the occasional exception of the crazy and the insane, who don’t share our (almost-)all-inclusive perception of what “is”.

If someone stimulated my mind to think that what I am seeing is red, while it is actually black, would it really matter, so long as other people conceded that the object of my observation was red?

Would reality be established by simply being acknowledged by others? Does that mean that my personal existence, my perception of what is real and what is not, cannot be challenged so long as there is no one else around? Am I dependent upon the existence of other people with the ability to convey to me what they are perceiving for simply “being”?

Is there ever the possibility of somehow getting a precise, unquestionable definition of reality, that regardless of what we divine from the universe around us, usually using our more mundane senses, the reality of it cannot be challenged and put to question?