Surrender to the Legacy (2)

Following my previous post, I want to report on my experience with Microsoft Windows 8.

First of all, I want to say that it was, as propagated, better than 7 in many ways. It was more polished and more robust. I experienced no Blue Screen of Death messages.

But, it was no good either. I am not being overly critical here. It wasn’t faster, cleaner, or less hassle-prone. I had much difficulty in getting my software to run on it. The security controllers were mostly in my way, rather than protecting me from threats. I know that the C partition is very important, but they should provide you with facilities for situations in which – like mine – you have no other option but to install your Windows system and your software on a single partition.

Also, as mentioning security here begs to topic to be more broadly elaborated, it bears mentioning that I could access my local account’s files on my system, using my domain account, which as far as Windows is concerned, could be the account of a guest user.

I know that there are options against this, as measures to be taken by avid users and fans of MS Windows, but as a Mac user, I was not ready to deal with what my Mac OS X offered me out of the box. As anyone who has ever worked with any platform other than Windows knows, this could be said to hold true for most of them, as well.

Well, all in all, I was not very satisfied, and I am so happy that my company paid for the software and not me. I am back to Windows 7. Or XP, maybe.

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