Preparing for the Face-to-Face

As I’ve mentioned before, I am scheduled for an onsite interview for the position of Anti-Abuse engineer at Google. The interview will take place in about 9 days — fingers crossed — and right now I am preparing myself by going over many different materials.

So as to leave a legacy of this effort behind, I am listing the sort of content I will be covering.

  • As always, the CLRS book. Especially the graph and advanced algorithms part.
  • I have also reviewed the Algorithms course on Coursera by Robert Sedgewick
  • I read a book titled “Are you smart enough to work at Google?
  • I am in the process of reviewing the book Cracking the Coding Interview.
  • I have read the Stanford book on Information Retrieval in which many nice concepts about the workings of any good search engine (including Google) are discussed.
  • As my position requires me, I am reading the specifics of the PageRank algorithm, and this includes a detailed reading on Markov chains and Markov processes.
  • I am also reviewing and thinking about the terms of use for different Google products. These include the terms of use for the AdWords and AdSense services, the webmaster guidelines for the Google index and other products made by Google. I am also trying to come up with ways to get around the policies, to get in the shoes of the opposition, so to speak.
  • I am also reading a lot about Google and its products in general.
  • For those of you who don’t know, I’m Iranian and we speak and write in Persian¬†and therefore many a time I find myself searching for something on Google or other search engines in Persian. There are many times when I get frustrated by the number of fake, doorway websites people get ranked up on the results. So, the how of this is also one thing I will be thinking about.

Well, that’s all for now, folks.


I think to that list I need to add:

  • Scrum methodology
  • Design Patterns

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