Springland Conquered

Springland has been already conquered, despite the fact that I totally forgot about this blog thing.
Things have been proceeding in my life like crazy. I don’t even know who I am anymore 😀
But I have written lots of programs in Spring and Maven. I have not yet, however, used Spring RC to develop rich client applications.
And oh, I am using “blogo” for posting this entry.

THE Blog Client for Mac?

The past few days have been a very critical time for my blogging experience. I have been trying different blog clients for Mac, and I was slowly, albeit surely, coming to the conclusion that there is no good blogging client for Mac. On my Windows 7 PC, I used to blog with Microsoft Windows Live Writer. It actually downloaded my WordPress blog theme and let me type as if I was writing on the blog itself. It could add annotations, had plugins to provide Wikipedia quick-links, and in short, anything I would have wanted from a blog client. So, when I started my search, the standard was set pretty high.

Here is a list of all the different applications I’ve tried on my Mac:

  • Ecto: didn’t even come close to satisfying me. The WYSIWYG editor was buggy and annoying. And I really didn’t like the UI.
  • Qumana: Didn’t support online drafting, had no way of inserting multi-media content, and didn’t provide a friendly user-interface.
  • MacJournal: didn’t do me much good, as a blogging client. As a replacement for my note collector software (OneNote on Windows) it did great. But it’s lack of support for correct media uploading left me disappointed. Sure, I could configure FTP access for my website, but that would have required tweaking the user permission settings from the server side and I wasn’t going for that.
  • Blogo: it was great. Except it didn’t allow me see or edit WordPress pages. Also I had some problems uploading. The UI was awesome. I particularly loved the Fullscreen view which allowed me to write without being distracted by everything else.
  • MarsEdit: MarsEdit wasn’t that much better than Blogo; but it currently is my editor of choice. It allows me to do most of the things I used to do with Windows Live Writer and the UI isn’t bad. There are currently no uploading problems and the spellcheck works just fine. It also has a Preview option, much like Windows Live Writer.

MarsEdit Main Window

Well, that’s it for now. I hope by reading this you can save some wear and tear – and some bucks of course :-).

Going Mobile

WordPress Mobile Edition is cool tiny utility that allows you to redirect your mobile visitors to a shiny, new interface which incorporates easy navigation and good looks in a simple UI.

As I’m personally using this plugin, I won’t hesitate to recommend it to anybody who wants their blogs to be compatible with mobile browsers. And remember, the issue here is not merely compatibility, but rather the ease-of-use.

Good luck to you all!

My Technorati Claim

Okay, that was fast. Technorati evaluated my blog and told me to put this unique “claim ID” in a new post, to show that this blog is indeed where I write: “2RQ4XA7A32AX”

Now, I’m gonna see what’s next after pushing the big, old, “Verify Claim Token” button.

Technorati Membership

Technorati is a place in which you can share your blog with the world and make the world be aware of what you write. I was reading the MSDN Blogs feed and stumbled upon this blog by Seth Eliot, which mentioned becoming a member, and I thought why shouldn’t I also do that?

So, I started a user and filled in a new claim, and I’m currently waiting for them to give me further instructions after an evaluation of my blog.