Back again

After a couple of crazy months on the uni campus, here I am, again with different things on my mind, and again with loads of new stuff to do. Even so, Spring Framework and its intricacies are still a big part of my activities.

I am about to get married, and even as I speak, arrangements are being made for me and my beloved to be betrothed sometime in the near future. That is the most significant change in my life right now.

Other than that, I’ve gotten into some pretty intense information retrieval stuff and I think I will spend my summer working on that.

I’ve also gotten into this crazy bout where I write and write and write stuff. I might even publish some of them. I guess we will see 😉

And oh! before I forget. I’m back again to using ecto”, which just shows how bad the desktop blog client industry is for the OS X.

THE Blog Client for Mac?

The past few days have been a very critical time for my blogging experience. I have been trying different blog clients for Mac, and I was slowly, albeit surely, coming to the conclusion that there is no good blogging client for Mac. On my Windows 7 PC, I used to blog with Microsoft Windows Live Writer. It actually downloaded my WordPress blog theme and let me type as if I was writing on the blog itself. It could add annotations, had plugins to provide Wikipedia quick-links, and in short, anything I would have wanted from a blog client. So, when I started my search, the standard was set pretty high.

Here is a list of all the different applications I’ve tried on my Mac:

  • Ecto: didn’t even come close to satisfying me. The WYSIWYG editor was buggy and annoying. And I really didn’t like the UI.
  • Qumana: Didn’t support online drafting, had no way of inserting multi-media content, and didn’t provide a friendly user-interface.
  • MacJournal: didn’t do me much good, as a blogging client. As a replacement for my note collector software (OneNote on Windows) it did great. But it’s lack of support for correct media uploading left me disappointed. Sure, I could configure FTP access for my website, but that would have required tweaking the user permission settings from the server side and I wasn’t going for that.
  • Blogo: it was great. Except it didn’t allow me see or edit WordPress pages. Also I had some problems uploading. The UI was awesome. I particularly loved the Fullscreen view which allowed me to write without being distracted by everything else.
  • MarsEdit: MarsEdit wasn’t that much better than Blogo; but it currently is my editor of choice. It allows me to do most of the things I used to do with Windows Live Writer and the UI isn’t bad. There are currently no uploading problems and the spellcheck works just fine. It also has a Preview option, much like Windows Live Writer.

MarsEdit Main Window

Well, that’s it for now. I hope by reading this you can save some wear and tear – and some bucks of course :-).