I have been busying myself lately with writing a set of powerful tools for any Java programmer, dubbed JPowerPack. This might seem — and indeed, to myself, it sort of does — like an ambitious and arrogant bearing, but I feel like I have the knowledge at the moment to try and embark on this.

What I am doing is providing a set of traditional tools for refletion, plus — in the near future — more advanced tools for generating code, compiling code, and generally wreaking havoc on the world of pre-compilation code writing.

This has come to be after I have been working on a similar set of utilities at my work. This project is now up on Github, and anyone willing to contribute or fork is invited to join.

To SpringSource, and Beyond!

This week, I started some rather serious work on buffing up my metaphorical know-how muscles. So, I started reading “Pro Spring 3”.

However, since just reading isn’t enough, I also have started to walk through the beautiful codes written by Rod Johnson and Juergen Hoeller.

I began my way where most applications using Spring begin theirs: the ApplicationContext. It is a long, long journey, and I know that I won’t be done anytime soon. However, wish me luck Smile


Along the path of my quest to get more in contact with the more modern tools and instruments of building and maintaining your software, I am now reading on TestNG, to get myself more comfortable with the concept of leaving JUnit behind.

A Journey to Springland

As I immersed myself deeper and deeper in the depthless sea that is Spring Rich Client, and despite Chris Parsons’ extremely helpful tutorial on the subject, I found myself at a loss. So, I am going to learn more about what Spring itself does and how it actually works. Having done that, I will make sure to record my journey through Spring and Spring RC here, in the Thinkpod.

My goal is to write a Hello World program with Spring, which will simply write the world-famous “Hello World!” message on the screen. This is currently my first stop. I will write back soon.