Preparing for phone screening

As I have previously mentioned, I am currently preparing myself for an interview with Google. To that end, I am bringing my data structures and algorithms knowledge up to scratch by practicing all the important bits from CLRS.

To help other people who are, like me, going through the same phase, here is a link to the Github repository on the matter:

Also, I have found this very useful in reminding me of the GoF design patterns:

Job Opportunity

I was recently the happy receiver of a phone call from a recruiter at Google. They had found me through my LinkedIn profile, and were somewhat impressed by my resumé, as it were. I am now offered the chance to take the first stage of the interview, the dreaded phone screening.

I am going to prepare for this by reading through CLRS, and a couple of my other, older books, to get up to scratch on the subject matter.

I will be documenting the process here, so that should I get in, it could help other people, and should I fail, it would be a guide as to how to avoid failure for myself in the future, and how other people could, in retrospect, avoid what I have done that has led to my failure.

Well, done for now I guess.