My private SVN

Okay, apparently setting up an SVN server is not possible without direct command line access to your server. Since cPanel does not provide any such method of remote access and doesn’t give you any sort of command line interface to work with, for me it is simply not possible to set up an SVN on my host without my provider helping me out.

I have since realizing this contacted the people in question. Let’s see what happens next.

Projects’ Repository

I’m not yet quite sure, but I have been thinking over it for some time and I think I will be creating a repository for all my personal and public projects.

This has not only the benefit of giving other people to save some time by not reinventing the wheel, it also gives me the opportunity to have a backup of all the things I think are presentable enough to be put online.

I’m not sure yet, but the repository will be residing on a sub-domain of this same domain, something like, or maybe

I’ll be thinking it over. As of now, I already have some projects which – while still either incomplete or in beta – are quite large enough to be put to some good use, by those who whish to enhance, rather than develop.