A Cleaner Firefox

If you are as obsessive as me about having a clear desktop, a clean browser is an essential for you, too. Today, I finally got what I desired out of Firefox. As a bonus, I also got around integrating Firefox with Windows Seven as much as possible without installing any external applications, like Winfox.

Tidying it up

The very first step in tidying Firefox up, is to install Omnibar. Omni bar is an add-on that will integrate “location bar and search bar into one”, and also “shows search and url suggestions”.

Omnibar gives you one, clear address+search bar

After installing Omnibar, I was struck by the picture: the bookmarks toolbar I once loved so much looked so ugly, now. So, I just hid it.

After I had done all that, I installed Compact Menu 2, a very cool add-on that let’s you hide the menu bar inside one, tiny button. So, that’s just what I did.

By doing just these three simple steps, my Firefox now gives me about 70 pixels more reading space, and 70 pixels less crowded, clickable widgets.

Windows Seven Taskbar Integration

After that, I was tempted, and persuaded, to try out "NEW Glasser by SzymekPL”, which gave me a very nice, sleek glass effect on the whole Firefox frame.

Firefox with Glasser

This was too cool to leave it alone, so I just Googled for Taskbar integration, and found out that in Firefox 3.6, taskbar integration is a built-in feature, and is simply disabled by default. So, I got on with it, and enabled it by first typing “about:config” in my location bar, and then toggling “browser.taskbar.previews.enable” to true. Now, I have individual tabs preview in my Windows Seven taskbar for Firefox.

Taskbar thumbnail previews for Firefox 3.6

If you want to take it even further, and use jumplists and another Windows Seven goodies in Firefox, you can install Winfox, but I, personally, don’t fancy the idea of installing another application just to smooth my original application up a little.

Back to my Vaio Z

Finally, I got my Vaio Z laptop back. And now, it’s even better than before, since I can now adjust the resolution to as high as 1600×900. God! I missed my FullHD LED so much, I don’t know how to celebrate the occasion.
I once again tried to install the newest Ubuntu distro on it, without success. I followed the instructions given in the Launchpad Vaio Z series page, but to no avail. Alas, it seems I have to wait and see if the next release will run satisfactorily over my laptop.
I mean, yeah, it does run, and it does support both my graphic cards, and it does look good, but man, I want a great OS over my great machine. And I know that Windows is far from great, but still, since everything on it works as it should, and I can very nearly claim that I can use my machine up to its full capacity under Windows Vista, I’ll wait for now, and will not install an Ubuntu Desktop on it.