I can’t say why, precisely, but LiveJournal has never truly held any attraction for me. Maybe its the user interface, but I think its mostly that I want to have full control of my stuff — and that’s simply not done in any online, managed service. The fact that it is censored in Iran also doesn’t really help, either.

But today when I found out that one of my favorite authors of all time, Scott Lynch, was an active user, I decided to create an account, so that I could send him a message. Anyways, here is my LiveJournal journal and also, I have set it up so that anything I post here is cross-posted straight there, using a neat WordPress plugin called the LiveJournal CrossPoster plugin.

I have also made my public notes available under

Back again

After a couple of crazy months on the uni campus, here I am, again with different things on my mind, and again with loads of new stuff to do. Even so, Spring Framework and its intricacies are still a big part of my activities.

I am about to get married, and even as I speak, arrangements are being made for me and my beloved to be betrothed sometime in the near future. That is the most significant change in my life right now.

Other than that, I’ve gotten into some pretty intense information retrieval stuff and I think I will spend my summer working on that.

I’ve also gotten into this crazy bout where I write and write and write stuff. I might even publish some of them. I guess we will see 😉

And oh! before I forget. I’m back again to using ecto”, which just shows how bad the desktop blog client industry is for the OS X.

Smelling Man

I can smell. I can smell everything. And when I say everything, believe me, I mean every single damned thing. Right on the second sentence, you probably thought that I was a blessed man – or a blessed woman, for that matter; for you had no reason to believe I was a man – and by the third one you probably thought I had lost my mind. But, believe me, it is more of a curse than a blessing.
Sure, I can right now smell where the old man living upstairs keeps his sorry amount of money. But oh, don’t forget, this same old man has a lot of things that, believe me, you don’t ever want to smell. Yeah, you got me exactly right. But there is no need to email me your ideas, my mind has already its own ideas on the matter, and believe me, my mind’s ideas are more accurate.
But let me share this little story with you. There was once this man – who thought he was very funny, by the way – that wanted me to smell for him the place where her mother-in-law had her wealth of jewels hidden before her death, in exchange of – believe me – a VERY tempting amount of the lost treasure.
And, believe me, I had to tell him all the embarrassing stuff I’d learned by smelling him, and threaten him to publish those particular details over the Internet, before having him off my neck.
So now, do you still want to change places with me, eh?