Here, is a list of the major events of my life, on a yearly basis.

Year Events
1988 I was born on the very first hour on Friday January 1st, 1988 in Tehran. A pretty neat birth date.
1995 I started my studies as a primary school student.
2000 I enrolled in and was accepted by many junior high schools, out of which I picked Mofid high school for its reputation of paying special attention to traits other than students good marks.
2001 I ranked 3rd in the Tajrobeh inter-institutional competition which was a competition designed for students with special talents.
2003 I started my studies as a high school student, again in the Mofid educational complex.
2004 I was picked for the best yearly research. The research was an academic evaluation of the World War II, and provided in-depth analysis of its causes and effects.
2005 I was awarded as the 3rd best singer high school student in Tehran.
I was awarded for the best yearly study, which was about eLearning, Learning Management Systems, and modern standards in preparing electronic content, such as SCORM1.
2006 I was chosen to be Tehran’s most talented computer practitioner and was sent to attend the National Annual Competition for Computer Practitioners in Yazd, where I claimed the second place.
2007 I ranked as the 2nd best singer student in Tehran. I attended the national conquer test, in which I ranked #327, and was consequently accepted into the prestigious Sharif University of Technology, which is the acknowledged number one university of technology in Iran.
I started working for IdeaTech Software Company.
2008 I left IdeaTech following its imminent bankruptcy and started working on a web application and news aggregator in Tehran Municipality.
2009 I left Tehran Municipality after the conclusion of our project, and joined Parsian Bank’s backbone software development team in its supporting IT company, Caspian Inc.


Professional Studies and Experiences

Year Studies & Exp.
1997 Started learning Borland Pascal. I used Kaufman’s renowned book for Turbo Pascal 7.0 and Borland Pascal 7.0 IDE to start my first experiences with a programming language.
I also started exploring MS-DOS’s capabilities by writing BATCH file scripts and shell commands.
2000 Started learning HTML. I also started to write Turbo Vision programs and gained some experience working with Pascal’s more advanced aspects, such as Object-Oriented programming and manual memory allocation.
As per my homeroom teacher’s instructions, I also studied a little GW-Basic.
2001 I started to learn PHP 4.0 along with ANSI-C. I also started to learn more about ASP, but because I had already picked PHP as a server-side scripting language, I discontinued that thread.
2002 Started to learn JavaScript and CSS.
2003 Started working with Delphi 5.0. Later that year I started to learn XML 1.0.
2004 Started moving from Delphi 5.0 to Delphi 7.0.
2005 Started learning to work with MS Visual Basic. I discontinued that study as I deemed the language too messy and unreliable for my tastes.
Later that year, I started to learn more about eLearning as a whole, and to gain some experience decided to write a basic LMS, which later became a virtual school.
2006 Did my first official project, a software which based on a user’s grade and rank in the national conquer, and based on his/her fields of interests chose the most appropriate university field for him/her.
2007 I was mostly inactive because of my upcoming national university entry exam (conquer), but after taking the exam, I rewrote the conquer-advising program to fit the needs of me and my classmates, which was later put to use by my school, and remained in use until conquer 2009 (2010 conquer is yet to come).
I also wrote an XML-based template engine for Delphi, which was employed by fellow developers in ITS Inc. in Negar Authoring Tool v1.2. Later, after I was free of my high school studies, I practiced a lot in the field of string processing.
As a spin-off of my basic programming course, I wrote a sort of Pascal compiler with C++.
2008 Started studying I/O streams and the field of data storage. Also, I became more fascinated with digital  content’s automated analysis and data mining.
As I was taking my professional programming course in Sharif, I started to learn and write programs in Java.
2009 Started to hone my skills as a web designer by designing several different Web-UI toolkit (this experiments later resulted in my current job as the Caspian’s only JavaScript and CSS expert).

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